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The Mission

Here at Team Keane our mission is to get as many people as possible involved in sport on the river, whether that be Sculling, Rowing, Kayaking or Canoeing. We are a truly open club and pride ourselves in our completely inclusive program within all these disciplines.

We welcome all abilities from those ‘learning a new sport for the first time’ to those wishing to progress themselves further, either into developing into a more advanced standard, or as a competitive racing athlete.

We have a program to suit everyone. Our team of qualified and endorsed coaches are ready to help and support you through your development. They will help you in every way to meet your fitness & sporting goals and beyond!

The Purpose

Water-sports like Sculling, Rowing, Kayaking and Canoeing are great low impact sports and the physical & mental health benefits are undeniable no matter what your age.

We encourage everyone to get involved and enjoy it as much as we do!

The Community

‘Team Keane Sculling School’ is a registered local charity as well as a British Rowing affiliated rowing club providing open access & opportunity in the sport of rowing for adults and Juniors who would otherwise be unable to through the traditional rowing club admission policies. 

We provide & deliver water & land based programs to a number of schools in the local area as well as our successful club programs for adult & junior ‘learn to row’, development, advanced & Squad groups.




We currently operate from 3 locations in West London.

We have a boathouse facility on Hartington Road, Chiswick, a gym facility at Kew Road Bridge & another boating facility on the Grand Union Canal at Brentford Lock West. 

There are several easy local links to get to any of these sites via public transport.

#Britishrowing The world class start programme has #Britishrowing The world class start programme has some amazing opportunities for young people who have never had access to the sport. We love Vwaires story.  The community is the most important part of who we are at #teamkeane so we love hearing about other #rowingfamilies
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