Adult Rowing

They Monstered It!!!! Team Keane Crew setting the record as the fastest womens crew to race Monster of the Loch!

We did it! We Monstered the Loch! A group of friends from Team Keane Sculling School and Putney Town Rowing Club contested the 34km Monster of the Loch race on Loch Ness, racing from Fort Augustus to Dores.

We raced in an 8+ which was very brave as the conditions are like the sea and we were quite worried that our boat could potentially sink. With that in mind we commissioned a local marine agent to design and make us a pump system. We were one of three 8+’s the other two being the GB men’s squad, and a mixed crew of ex Cambridge rowers.

It was a great challenge and race and we were the first women’s crew to finish and came 7th with a time of 2hrs 37mins 35 minutes after the men’s GB crew set a new world record with a time of 2hrs and 4mins.

The organiser Pete Wells was quite worried at one stage that he would all have to rescue all three 8+’s but we all managed to safely finish.

We thought we found Nessie but maybe not. 

A huge thankyou to Pete and his crew at Row Tours for putting on such a great event. Also a big thanks to all those who sponsored us, we were raising funds for MIND a mental health charity and Team Keane’s charity which helps to fund rowing for less privileged children. Fantastic to see man powered boats of all kinds accepting the challenge, in such a beautiful part of the world.