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Please select one of our coaches below to view their availability, activate your membership and then confirm order to participate in a 10 session ‘Learn to Row Course’. 

You can choose the date and time of every session depending on the coaches availability to suit your own schedule. Learn at your own speed and the coach will tailor each session to meet your stages or development, guiding you towards becoming confident & competent in a single scull! 

Prefer to book onto a regular Group course?

Due to ‘Covid-19’ restrictions we are currently not able to use crew boats as we do for our group ‘learn to row’ courses. However we are working towards that being a possibility from September 2020. 

So if you would prefer to learn in a ‘group setting’, then this is the course for you.

The Course

Coached by our team of qualified coaches you will be taken through a basic technical syllabus teaching you the fundamental principles of sculling over one 90 minute session per week for 11 consecutive weeks.

The course fee is £200 per person

saturday Group 1

13:00-14:30, every Saturday.

12th Sept for 10 consecutive weeks until till the 14th Nov 2020.

saturday Group 2

14:30-16:00am, every Saturday.

12th Sept for 10 consecutive weeks until till the 14th Nov 2020.

Sunday Group 1

13:00-14:30, every Sunday.

13th Sept for 10 consecutive weeks until till the 15th Nov 2020.

Sunday Group 1

14:30-16:00am, every Sunday.

13th Sept for 10 consecutive weeks until till the 15th Nov 2020.

““My daughter completed the Team Keane’s Learn to Row course. She is not sporty and was worried about her ability to keep up and deal with the physical demands of rowing.
But she thrived during, and got a huge amount out it, physically and personally.
Team Keane got their novice rowers out on the water quickly, emphasising safety and discipline as they did.
My daughter said that she got more and more comfortable with the discipline every day. By the end of the term she was racing in their junior regatta!

What you will need to get started

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Looking for further information?

Please contact us by sending your details below or email miranda@teamkeane.com directly or telephone 07989535720

How to hold the oar handle and the position of the Handles whilst Sculling.