Junior Development Group

Developing Rower

The Course

Once you have successfully completed the ‘Learning to Row’ course you will then graduate into the ‘Developing Rower’ program. 

Here you will further deepen your technical knowledge and proficiency in boatmanship over one 90 minute session per week for 11 consecutive weeks. 

You will also develop a sound understanding of local navigation & river safety. All vital components to becoming a capable oarsman.

The course fee is £260 per person

Looking for Private coaching?

Perhaps you want to organise coached sessions to suit your schedule and availability, then private coaching is the right choice for you.

We are currently offering ‘one-to-one’ private coaching in single sculls only as required by the Covid-19 restrictions for up to 4 athletes with one coach.

We have tub singles (stable learning boats) as well as fine single sculls available for these sessions and you can book these sessions in directly with the coach via the links below


Do you want to sign up or are you looking for further information?

Please contact us by sending your details below or email miranda@teamkeane.com directly or telephone 07989535720