Junior Rowing

Junior Rowing


In this group you will be taught all the fundamental basic elements of Sculling and will learn these through land taught technique & on the water. 

Due to current Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to provide regular ‘Learn to Scull’ group courses. Therefore we are offering a special 1:1 coaching service where you are able to ‘bulk’ book 10 private sessions with one of our coaches at a limited time only discounted rate of £350 (normally £630) incl.

From September we are planning to resume regular group courses. There are 3, 10 week long courses available each year. The courses start in September, January & April . On completion of the course participants advance to the Developing Sculler course.


After you have demonstrated a sound understanding of the basic technique and principles to Sculling you will then progress into this group where you will start to explore the different boat types and develop towards being able to competently and securely navigate a single scull.


Are you looking for a little more? 

Do you want to be part of a rapidly growing and successful junior squad? Then this is the group for you.

Team Keane have a team of hugely dedicated and passionate coaches who will support you throughout your development and support you all the while whilst helping to drive you towards the squad racing targets