The Development Group

Sadly on-water & Gym sessions are unavailable due to current Covid-19 Restrictions.  

However if you would like to join our adult development group once activities resume then please register your interest by emailing

Once you have successfully learnt the basic principles of ‘Learning to Row’ you will then progress into the ‘Development’ group. 

Here you will further deepen your technical knowledge and proficiency in boatmanship with two 90min coached sessions available per week for 47 weeks each year. Members are welcome to join at any time.

Sessions are held on Saturdays & Sundays from 8:45 till 10:15am & you will have access to our gym for land based training.

Once you are at a capable standard as assessed by your coach you will also be invited to participate in club time-trials. These are optional, but they offer a great guide to help you to test your development by tracking your results on the water.

As well as a sound technical understanding you will also develop a thorough understanding of local navigation & river safety which are all vital components to becoming an independent & capable oarsman.

Ready to sign up or looking for further information?

Please contact us by email