Junior Squad

Welcome to the Junior Squad Members Page for Team Keane Sculling School. Here you will find information regarding your membership with Team Keane, like training plans, timetable info etc….

Training Days & Times

Minimum Attendance Requirements for Junior Squad Groups

J13, Year 8- 2 sessions per week. X1 water minimum

J14, Year 9- 3 sessions per week. 2 water sessions minimum (seperate days)

J15, Year 10- 4 sessions per week. 3 water sessions per week minimum (seperate days)

J16+, Year 10+- 5 sessions per week. 3 water sessions per week minimum (separate days)

Junior Squad Training & Racing Kit

What you wear whilst rowing is very important. In fact it is a requirement by British Rowing that all members of a crew wear their club kit whilst participating in competative events.

Rowing kit is quite specific and is designed with the elements and the activity in mind to offer you the best experience whilst on the water.

Team Keane have, in partnership with termaxx designed a complete range of kit. We recommend the kit bundles which have been designed to offer you everything you should need.

For further information please contact miranda@teamkeane.com

Racing Calendar 2020

Hazwinkel, Belgium Training Camp 2020. J14, J15 & J16+ only.

4th till the 11th April 2020.

We are already looking forward to this years training camp which will be at a purpose built facility in Hazwinkel.

The Camp will run from the 4th till the 11th April 2020.

Members of the J14, J15 & J16+ squads will be required to attend this training camp enabling the coaches to work with full crews to harness their speed & crewman-ship for the summer regatta’s & national Junior events.