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What you wear whilst rowing is very important. Rowing kit is quite specific and is designed with the elements and the activity in mind to offer you the best experience whilst on the water.

Team Keane have, in partnership with termaxx designed a complete range of kit. We recommend the kit bundles which have been designed to offer you everything you should need.

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Our coaches use an app called to confirm your availability for each session, and preset crews, so you can spend more time on the water in your session time, and we can plan our coaching and equipment allocation for each session in advance. Below are instructions on how to register with fit club and guidance for deadlines etc….


Below are some links to our safety & Navigation references. All members are required to use these resources and familiarise yourself with the content of these documents.


At Team Keane we follow the guidance provided by British Rowing with regard to codes of conduct and safeguarding & protecting children.

All members, coaches & legal guardians are required to conduct themselves at the club in line with these codes.

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