Adult Rowing

8 Keane Ladies take on the Monster of the Loch

Why would 8 women, in their prime, row 21 miles in an 8+ across Loch Ness, the deepest in Scotland, with recent reports that ‘Nessy’ actually exists ??

The reason why …. Passionate and addicted to rowing, 8 rowing chums from Team Keane and Putney Town Rowing fuelled by their absolute belief in the fact that this sport is a wonderful medium for mental well-being, fitness, self-confidence, camaraderie and self-discipline, hatched a plan to enter the annual ‘Monster the Loch’ event and raise funds for two worthy charities.

50% of all money raised will go to the mental well-being charity MIND.

The other 50% of funds raised will go towards Team Keane Rowing Club’s charity programme; sponsoring places on rowing courses for less privileged juniors, thereby enabling them to access to what has traditionally been seen as an elite sport. We see rowing’s transformative powers as a possible key to less advantaged young people finding confidence, discipline, self-motivation and resilience.

These Brave ladies will be taking on this challenge this Saturday 28th September and we wish them all the best of luck!